The apps of Figaro, Marmiton or Closer pinned by Apple because of Teemo's advertising trackers

Leading apps have been removed from the App Store for violating Apple's geolocation policies. Among them are Le Figaro, Marmiton or Closer. Their common point? They use the services of Teemo, a company specializing in the monetization of geolocation of Internet users.

Apple is obviously whistling the end of recess for apps collecting geolocation data. As noted by Journal du Net , the Cupertino company has removed from the App Store some applications whose common feature is to use the services of Teemo to determine where their users are.

Apple's intervention did not affect applications without scale, on the contrary. These are programs of interest to hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, who have been removed from the online store. Their name is certainly not unknown to you: they are called Le Figaro, Closer, Vie de Merde or Marmiton.

The App Store.


The reason these apps were removed from the App Store is based on a platform policy violation. An email, partially reproduced by our colleagues, states indeed that "  [the Figaro application] transmits users' geolocation data to third parties without their consent for inappropriate purposes  ." More exactly, it is an SDK provided by Teemo.

This name may tell you something. Last year, Numerama devoted a long history to what this French startup is selling, namely an advertising kit for application publishers. It is then placed in the mobile apps that users download on their smartphone and geolocation data are then collected and sold to advertisers yml-law.


When we published this survey, we noted that this tracking was massive because it concerned about 10 million people in France. It must be said that the solution of Teemo, which is able to send location data every three minutes for advertising purposes, was in about fifty major applications, including Le Figaro, Team, Météo France, Closer and Télé Loisirs.

In this case, it seems that only the application of Figaro was able to return to the App Store, via an emergency procedure that allowed it to be validated by Apple in a very short time, where the normal process takes a few days. It was however necessary that Le Figaro ejected the SDK litigious of its update. Other apps, like The Team, were not concerned because they no longer had this SDK.