DNA, Crunchyroll and Wakanim: what are the animated to see in simulcast this spring?

Second burst of animated of the year with the spring season. We have prepared a new selection by SVoD platform. A program that smells of nostalgia with no less than four remakes of classics.


The DNA platform has the most loaded catalog of this season with first season of My Hero Academia (25 episodes planned). Since 2016, the adaptation of Kôhei Horikoshi's manga has become the reference of nekketsu. We still remember this fabulous confrontation between Midoriya and Todoroki during the tournament of the previous season. The animators at Bones are not lazy Pierrot ( Black Clover ) or Toei Animation ( Dragon Ball Super ). The story of this new season resumes from the end of the eighth volume of the manga (which has 18 for now).

First remake of the season with that of Captain Tsubasa , better known to us under the title of Olive and Tom . David Production ( Jojo's Bizarre Adventure ) is responsible for this new version for 52 episodes. Note that the series will also be posted on L'Équipe's website . What to do between two games of the World. Another remake: that of the Heroes of the galaxy ( Ginga Eiyû Densetsu in VO), gigantic sci-fi fresco unknown in France. Created by Yoshiki Tanaka, the novels were adapted 30 years ago in the form of OAV (more than 150 episodes spread over 10 years). Production IG produces this subtitled reboot, Die Neue These, for two seasons of 12 episodes each (the second being planned in 2019).


One of the most anticipated titles of this season is unfortunately one of the biggest disappointments. Golden Kamui of Geno Studio ( Kokkoku ) certainly does not benefit from the care to retranscribe the great manga of Satoru Noda. The animation should only 12 episodes, so we will be far from covering the 13 volumes already available. Surprise, however, is definitely Hinamatsuri from the studio feel. ( Tsukigakirei ), adaptation of the manga of the same name and unpublished in France (14 volumes). Planned for 12 episodes, the series follows Nitta, a yakuza who finds herself forced to take care of a mysterious girl endowed with immense telekinetic powers.

Another remake with GeGeGe no Kitarô by Toei Animation, which takes over in Japan the time slot of Dragon Ball Super . This is the sixth adaptation of the manga Shigeru Mizuki and this umpteenth version was launched to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first animated (directed by the late Isao Takahata). Note that the series will also be broadcast at Wakanim with the official translation of Toei. After Gundam Build Fighters (2013) and Gundam Build Fighters Try (2014), the Sunrise launches its third series for kids on the Gunpla (Mecha model) clashes. This time, the heroes of Gundam Build Divers find themselves in a gigantic MMO in virtual reality. The beginning is much less exciting than the two other titles mentioned above …